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A version of this article originally appeared in Top Sales World Magazine. If you’ve ever visited or lived in London, you’re probably familiar with the phrase “Mind the Gap.” As you enter the subway (or “tube”), you’re reminded that there’s a space between the platform and the train. If you don’t “mind the gap,” you […]

Do your sales proposals wow your clients? In order to win a deal—without hesitance or uncertainty from your prospective clients—you have to make an incredible first impression with your proposal. So what do winning sales proposals have in common? Here are five aspects that will make your proposals stand out and help you win the […]

Josh Linkner, New York Times bestselling author and keynote speaker, recently wrote an awesome blog post about how to recognize “friction” and use it to your business’s advantage. Josh refers to “friction” as the little barriers that come between wanting or needing to do something and actually getting it done. He demonstrates this concept with […]

The seasoned sales person knows that the key to closing the sale comes from an in-depth understanding of the buyer’s process and pain points. Those that truly get to know their prospects can better anticipate obstacles, overcome them, and push ahead to the sale. So how can you equip your sales team to better know […]

The power of persuasion is a tool every salesperson should have on his or her tool belt. While some deals are easier to close than others, all sales conversations involve some degree of persuasion. So how do you harness the power of persuasion to persuade sales prospects to buy? Here are four ways to use […]

The best sales reps don’t submit cookie cutter proposals and cross their fingers. Salespeople who win the most deals take specific steps to build customized sales proposals that make a strong business case for why a prospect should do business with them. Proposals are an important part of any business. Knowing how to approach and […]

When it comes down to it, the CFO will be the person who says yes or no to your sales proposal. Therefore, it’s important to know how to speak to this ultimate decision maker in his or her language.  Why the CFO? CFOs are no longer simply “Chief Financial Officers,” they are also strategic leaders […]

You worked diligently to put together an outstanding sales proposal and quote. Finally, you clicked “send” and gave a big sigh of relief that it was off. Then, you got the almost instantaneous reply from the potential client: “Thank you for your proposal. We made a decision to go with Acme yesterday.” Were you waiting […]

Last week I wrote about plagiarizing for the benefit of the company. I talked about stealing wholeheartedly from your colleagues to win the deal. Then I heard something that I can most kindly classify as NOT brilliant—plagiarizing from your competitors (direct and indirect). I don’t know if anyone else will think this is a good idea—I […]

Here’s a link to an amazing slide share. It’s so good that I don’t even care if you read what I have to say below, or come back here after you’re done looking through their 65 slides. But I hope you will—go ahead, I’ll wait! I point to this because there have been times in […]