6 Sales Proposal Follow-Up Tips



You’ve qualified your sales prospect, built rapport with your prospective client, and sent over your winning sales proposal. Now what?

Following up with prospects is an important part of any sales process. Here are six sales proposal follow-up tips to keep your prospect happy and the sale moving forward.

1. Schedule the Follow Up Ahead of Time

When presenting your sales proposal to the client, it’s important that you set a date in the near future to follow up at the time of your meeting. This will ensure that you have a time slot set in stone to see where the prospect stands after reviewing your proposal.

2. Set Expectations

You’ve put a lot of work into creating your sales proposal, so it’s best to get an idea of when your prospect will get back to you with a decision. Ask when you can expect to hear back and what criteria s/he will apply to make the decision. This will help you get a commitment from the buyer and keep the ball rolling.

3. Be Persistent

Don’t give up after one email or a couple phone calls. Persistence pays off! According to a study by The Marketing Donut, 80% of sales require five follow-up calls after the sales presentation meeting, but 44% of salespeople give up after only one! It’s a best practice to follow up at least two times more than you think you should.

4. Show Your Gratitude

Express your gratitude to clients after meeting with them. After your sales proposal presentation, send over a written thank you card or email (not as personal, but still better than nothing!). Thank the prospect for taking the time to speak with you and remind him or her of your upcoming follow-up meeting or call.

5. Offer Clarification

Ask the prospective client if s/he has any questions and/or concerns related to the sales proposal that you can help with. If the client says no, s/he is either crystal clear on your proposal or you’ve already been disqualified. If s/he says yes and is willing to engage in a dialogue about your sales proposal, you’re still in the running to win the bid. Offering clarification also gives you an opportunity to learn about any possible objections the client has and overcome them.

6. Keep it Classy

It’s human nature to get peeved after the fourth or fifth follow-up call still gets no response. No matter how many follow-up attempts you make, don’t let your patience or frustration show. Keep your presentation professional; after all, the prospect isn’t obligated to respond.


Remember, the sales proposal process isn’t over until you win the job. Some prospects will accept your bid immediately, some will take weeks to get back to you, and others will opt for someone else.

No matter what happens, by keeping your professional cool, you’ll be sure to earn the prospect’s respect which—even if you didn’t win the bid this time—can lead to future business deals.