5 Problems Sales Proposal Software Can Help You Solve



When writing sales proposals, it can be difficult to get all of your ducks in a row. After all, there are a lot of aspects to proposal creation and execution.

If you want to make this process easier, sales proposal software can help. Not only can it save you time, it can ensure your proposal is accurate, consistent, and looks great.

Here are five problems proposal software can help you solve to make sure you have all of your bases covered before sending over your proposal to a prospective client.

1. Mediocre Appearance

Two problems can arise when it comes to your proposal’s appearance. Either it looks flat out terrible, or your proposal template looks great, but your sales team keeps screwing it up.

The latter problem is particularly frustrating, as companies usually shell out a lot of money for these templates only for their teams to not use them properly.

With sales proposal software, certain design elements can be locked into place so only those with designated clearance can make any changes to them. This keeps your proposal looking clean, visually appealing, and consistent. Which brings us to number two…

2. Lack of Consistency

Consistency is another huge hurdle if you don’t have software to serve as a go-to resource. You’ll find that people aren’t following the rules or template, they’re using the wrong messaging, or they’re talking about your company instead of the customer and the customer’s problem.

Proposal software can ensure only approved content is used, that it has the same tone and voice, and that key brand messaging is always included.

3. Poor Win Rates

Another common problem is that companies find they’re not closing enough deals, or they are closing deals, but it’s taking too long.

Sales proposal software lets you speed up the proposal generation process so that you can get it to prospects more quickly. After all, if it takes too long to get a proposal in front of a customer, you’ll lose momentum and the prospect may lose interest or think you’re not responsive.

Furthermore, proposal software can mean spending 80% less time creating proposals, meaning your salespeople can spend their time actually selling and directly affecting your bottom line.

4. Lack of Accountability

Many times, there just isn’t enough accountability in the proposal generation process. These accountability issues occur when:

  • Sales reps put things in proposals that the company simply can’t deliver.
  • Reps poorly set up products and deals, leaving out important information from the proposal.
  • Sales reps discount WAY too much and way too often—essentially using discounts as a way to sell—immediately impacting the client’s top and bottom lines.
  • Sales reps don’t follow the proper channels when going off script; they package incompatible products, products the company no longer wants to carry, or low margin products when better options are available.
  • Clients change the project scope, and the documentation in the quote and proposal is no longer accurate.

By using proposal software with a custom pricing engine, these problems can be avoided. Sales reps don’t have to rely on spreadsheets and worry about accidentally modifying a formula, and only authorized personnel can make changes to pricing.

5. Poor Data Flow

Here are some common problems companies face when it comes to data flow:

  1. The rep quotes something and the quote gets accepted, but no one in operations knows what was sold, how much it was sold for, and how to fulfill it.
  2. The rep quotes something, then the operations team has to re-enter the quote details into the order management/ERP system and ends up making mistakes.

Sales proposal software can streamline your data flow, eliminating mistakes and ensuring everyone is on the same page.


By having an all-in-one sales proposal software solution, you can improve appearance, consistency, win rates, accountability, and data flow. Additionally, you’ll save your sales reps a lot of time, meaning they can keep doing what they do best: sell.