4 Tips to Close Deals Faster



You spend a lot of time prospecting, sending out sales proposals, and following up with prospects. So what can you do to close deals faster?

While there’s no magic, one-size-fits-all answer, there are things you can do that will help you build trust with prospects and more easily move them down the sales funnel.

1. Transparency is Key

There’s something to be said about transparency in the sales world. It’s a breath of fresh air when someone is transparent and honest with you. It means that there’s no hidden agenda and that the salesperson genuinely wants to help the prospect succeed.

Make sure that you are open and honest when discussing your prices, products, and services. This will reassure the prospect that you mean business and will guarantee that there are no surprises. Being genuine in this manner will also help you build rapport and trust with your prospects.

2. Handle Objections Head On

There’s no point in dancing around objections. It makes you, the salesperson, seem unprofessional, and leads the prospect to believe you’re hiding something.

Instead, when an objection is raised, speak to it plainly and directly. If the objection is product-related, make sure you spell out the value that it will bring to the prospect. When you move the conversation away from dollars and cents and towards long-term value, you’ll be better able to steer the prospect to close.

If there are common objections that regularly come up, your best bet is to address them before the prospect even has a chance to. This way, you’ll be able to minimize their opposition and move them along to the next stage in the sales funnel more quickly.

3. Talk to the Decision Maker

There’s nothing worse than guiding a prospect through the buying process only to find out s/he isn’t going to ultimately be making the buying decision. To avoid this delay, ask if you can be put in touch with the decision maker during your initial conversation.

Even if you have to talk with junior executives or department heads before you’re granted access, you’ll be able to get insight into what the decision maker is looking for and customize your proposal accordingly.

4. Clearly Differentiate Yourself

If you don’t clearly differentiate your product or service, you’re selling as much for your competition as you are for yourself.

The first step in being able to truly differentiate yourself is to know your competition. Knowing your competition’s weak spots will allow you to capitalize on how your product or service better fills those needs, which can lead to a quicker close.

Final Thoughts

We too wish there was a magic formula or saying that could close deals faster. However, since there’s not, you can still move prospects from consideration to close much more quickly and efficiently by employing these tactics.

Ultimately, it’s not about how fast you close deals, but how much value you provide to prospects throughout the sales cycle. Keep providing value and the deals will keep closing!