4 Signs that Your Sales Proposals are Losing You Deals



You spend a lot of time thinking through, laying out, writing, and designing your sales proposals, but what if all that time is going to waste?

What if your sales proposals are actually losing you deals?

Here are four signs that your proposals may be missing the mark and how you can remedy them.

1. Your proposals don’t represent your brand well.

If your proposals don’t properly reflect your brand image, prospects won’t respond well to them. As we’ve said before, branding is crucial to your sales proposals. By making sure your proposals are on brand, you’ll ensure they’re recognizable, that they further solidify brand cohesion, and that they help differentiate you from the competition.

2. They’re improperly formatted.

Improperly formatted proposals make them hard to read. If the whole point of your proposal is to get your prospect to read and understand what you’re offering, why would you make it difficult to complete the most basic action? What’s more, improper formatting can make it look like you’re trying to hide something—as if you’re trying to distract the reader from your proposed solution by intentionally making it visually difficult to digest.

3. Your proposals take too long to generate.

If your turnaround time for proposal generation is longer than it should be, it might lead a prospect to believe that you haven’t done this before. Start the clock on your established proposal timeline the moment you get an RFP. Additionally, make sure this timeline includes a list of specific actions that need to be completed by a specific date in order to keep the whole team on track. Most importantly, never miss a deadline!

4. They don’t tie price back to value.

If the wording of your sales proposal is product driven rather than value driven, you may find yourself missing out to the competition. Remember, you sell on value, not on price, and your proposals should too. Make sure you are always leveraging the value your solution provides.


If you’re dedicating a good amount of time and a keen eye to your proposals (which you should be!), then you don’t want all of that hard work to go to waste.

Make sure your proposals are on brand, properly formatted, that they tie price back to value, and that you turn them around in a reasonable amount of time. This will ensure that your prospects take your proposal seriously and put you in a great position to win the deal!