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Are you talking to or at your prospective customers in your sales proposals? There’s a difference. As we discussed in “How to Write Customer-Driven Sales Proposals,” you can either write proposals for your customers or for yourself. Here’s how to ensure your sales proposals properly empathize with, inform, and persuade prospects to turn into customers. […]

Are you writing your sales proposals from your—the seller’s—perspective, or the prospect’s? If your proposals are written from your point of view, they’re probably missing the mark. There are two types of proposals: sales-driven and customer-driven. While the former focuses on what the seller thinks the buyer wants, the latter actually meets the buyer’s expectations. […]

Knowing when to send a proposal can be just as difficult as crafting the proposal itself. This is especially true if someone says, “that’s fine, just send me a quote” or “just send me a proposal” without being all that interested in the solution you offer. After all, writing, designing, and putting together sales proposals […]

In order to build and develop a great sales team, you first have to hire great salespeople. But hiring salespeople isn’t as easy as, say, hiring an account executive or a customer service agent. Hiring salespeople is an art form. After all, these people will be the face of your company and ultimately determine if […]

If you’re managing a sales team, you know how difficult it can be to keep everyone on track. One of the biggest questions when it comes to sales team management has to do with the approach: is results-based management or activity-based management best? Let’s first take a look at each. Activity-Based Management At it’s most […]

You spend a lot of time prospecting, sending out sales proposals, and following up with prospects. So what can you do to close deals faster? While there’s no magic, one-size-fits-all answer, there are things you can do that will help you build trust with prospects and more easily move them down the sales funnel. 1. […]

If you sell a product that is configurable, you need to be selling more than features and options; you need to be selling the value these items bring. But how do you do that? Here are three keys to winning configuration-based sales. 1. Draw out the value of each component in the given configuration. If […]

Lean is all the rage. More and more companies are hearing the battle cry “GET LEAN!” But what is lean and how can we achieve it in a selling environment? Simply put, lean is removing all the wasteful and non-value-added activities. In sales, it’s removing activity that doesn’t add value to your sales process. In […]

  Have you ever been watching something, whether a TV show, movie or live event, and had it remind you of something completely unrelated? This recently happened to me as I was watching a triathlon. While watching the athletes bike, swim, and run, I noticed a lot of similarities between the competition and the art […]

You spend a lot of time thinking through, laying out, writing, and designing your sales proposals, but what if all that time is going to waste? What if your sales proposals are actually losing you deals? Here are four signs that your proposals may be missing the mark and how you can remedy them. 1. […]